Do people with sleep apnea perform less?

Last updated:
February 1, 2023

Poor sleep is debilitating and, unfortunately, people with sleep apnea find themselves in this state every night. We briefly explain why the performance is affected:

  • Healthy sleep and performance are closely linked. Those who are well-rested usually find it easier to concentrate and be productive.
  • Those who have slept badly, on the other hand, are tired, have Difficulty concentrating on tasks, making decisions or solving problems
  • If poor sleep only occurs occasionally, it can be compensated for. With a Sleep apnea but you are permanently in this state.
  • At some point, this can not only cause professional problems, but can also Serious health consequences like high blood pressure, Heart attack or Stroke have.

Poor sleep should not be a permanent condition. And coffee is no longer a solution. Anyone who constantly sleeps badly should definitely seek help.

With the App Snorefox can be used to determine whether the low performance and poor sleep are due to dangerous sleep apnea.

Snorefox detects dangerous breathing interruptions during sleepthat disrupt restful deep sleep. The information from this risk analysis can then be used to find targeted help.

For sleep apnea screening
From analysis to doctor search, all in one app.
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For sleep apnea screening
From analysis to doctor search, all in one app.
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