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Risk of sleep apnea?

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What is sleep apnea?
With sleep apnoea, dangerous pauses in breathing occur repeatedly during sleep. Blood oxygen levels drop and the brain sounds the alarm to prevent suffocation. Short wake-up reactions reactivate breathing, but interrupt restful sleep.
The tricky thing is that in most cases this is not even noticed, which is why sleep apnea is undetected in around 80% of those affected.
Sleep apnoea not only makes you tired and less productive during the day, it also increases the risk of accidents. In the long term, nocturnal stress and a lack of rest put a strain on the cardiovascular system - with the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke.
The medical device Snorefox M offers a simple method for screening for sleep apnea. Quite simply on your own cell phone, at home in your own sleeping environment.
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Download the Snorefox app from the App Store. You can already use the free version to analyze your snoring behavior.
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The testers for the Snorefox M medical device (the premium version of the app) will be selected at random within the next 7 days. If you are selected as a product tester, you will receive a voucher from us for a free upgrade to the Snorefox M medical device, which you can redeem within the app.
Carry out your sleep apnea risk analysis and tell us about your experiences in a short feedback questionnaire, which we will send you afterwards.

Your feedback as a medical device tester

Simplicity of use
How easy and user-friendly is the sleep apnea risk analysis with Snorefox M?
Comprehensibility of the results
How easy was it for you to understand the diagrams and explanations of your results?
Usefulness for your next steps
How has the sleep apnea risk analysis helped you to take specific steps towards better sleep health?

Download Snorefox app

You can already download the Snorefox app.
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With the free version of the app you can analyze your snoring behavior. Measure your snoring tonight and find out how often, when and how loudly you snore.

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