Does fatty food in the evening have an impact on breathing pauses?

Last updated:
February 1, 2023

Everyone likes to eat a pizza in the evening. But be careful with fatty and rich food, especially in the evening, because it affects sleep.

Short and sweet:

  • Who Very much or very greasy in the evening eatsgenerally runs the risk of being to sleep badly.
  • Especially late meals worsen the quality of sleep and, in patients with Sleep apnea Increased respiratory failure
  • In general, an unhealthy diet can lead to Overweight which in turn Risk factor for sleep apnea is.
  • A healthy lifestyle with low carbohydrate or Mediterranean diet has a positive influence on the risk factor weight.
  • One Weight reduction in turn improves the symptoms of sleep apnea for most patients. 

Everyone wants a good night's sleep. That's why it's recommended, Rather light food in the evening to eat, e.g. fresh salad, vegetables or the popular evening meal. But above all, not to eat too late

If you experience breathing interruptions - after a late or fatty meal or even after a light evening meal - you can easily check with the App Snorefox find out. Snorefox analyzes whether there is a risk of sleep apnea simply by smartphone at home.

For sleep apnea screening
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For sleep apnea screening
From analysis to doctor search, all in one app.
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