High blood pressure can be a warning sign of sleep apnea!  

What does high blood pressure have to do with sleep apnea? Unfortunately quite a lot... 

High blood pressure as a clinical picture is omnipresent - almost everyone knows someone who is affected. You can find out here why this is now associated with sleep apnea, along with many other diseases. 

Short and sweet:

  • Numerous studies have now shown the connection between high blood pressure and sleep apnea.
  • Around 30%-50% of hypertension patients have sleep apnea and around 30-70% of all sleep apnea patients have hypertension. 
  • The connection for this seems to be the increased stress level and the associated activation of the sympathetic or “flight or fight” system.
  • Drug treatment of high blood pressure appears to have little effect on the severity of sleep apnea. 
  • Conversely, it has been shown many times that proper sleep apnea treatment can lower blood pressure, in some patients significantly. 

High blood pressure and sleep apnea are closely related. If you have high blood pressure, it is worth taking a closer look at the subject of sleep and snoring.

The Snorefox app offers an easy way to carry out a sleep apnea risk analysis yourself at home. Unlike measuring blood pressure, you do not need an additional device for this, because Snorefox uses the internal microphone of your smartphone and uses your breathing pattern to recognize whether sleep apnea is present.

The first medical snoring app to measure your sleep apnea risk
Snorefox is freely available in the App Store.
You can determine your sleep apnea risk by upgrading to Snorefox Med. You can get this within the app for €49.99.

frequently asked Questions

Is the app free?

The basic version of Snorefox is available for free in the AppStore for iOS. In the table you can compare the features of the free version with those of the full version. You can easily upgrade to the full version within the app if needed. Below you will find an overview of the features of both Snorefox versions:

Basic and full version

How do I activate the upgrade to Snorefox Med?

To activate the sleep apnea screening upgrade, tap "Activate Snorefox Med" within the app. You have the option of activating Snorefox Med as a self-payer or by code.

As a self-payer, first tap on "Self-Payer" and then on "Switch to Med", then select your payment method. 

If you have an activation code (e.g. from a health insurance company or as part of the tester program), tap on “I have a code”. When entering the code, you should consider upper and lower case letters.

How does Snorefox detect dangerous sleep apnea?

Snorefox detects breathing irregularities and respiratory events through intelligent audio analysis of snoring and breath noise patterns. In other words: Snorefox analyzes your snoring and at the same time carries out a risk check to determine whether there are dangerous breathing stops during sleep. Snorefox shows you the result of the analysis in a simple traffic light scheme. In this way, Snorefox quickly provides orientation as to whether a doctor's visit is necessary. 

What happens to my data?

Snorefox ensures the highest data protection requirements through pseudonymized data processing. What does pseudonymous data processing mean? At the moment of registration, Snorefox converts your email address into a code, and only this code is transferred to our server, with the aim that the generated analytics can be assigned to your cell phone. Thus, your email address remains unknown to us and is never stored on our server with the analytics.

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