New app brings hope to snorers

Last updated:
August 4, 2022

Bedtime: Imagine your smartphone is on your bedside table. An app runs on the smartphone. And the next morning, the app reports whether you have breathing pauses during your sleep. Does it sound like the future? No. Sounds like Snorefox - a medical app that's now available on the App Store and coming to the Play Store soon.

The Snorefox app detects breathing interruptions during sleep

There are many so-called snoring apps, but only one app can do what many users want: Recognize respiratory events (breathing interruptions during sleep) and say so, whether snoring is associated with a health risk

In short: This is about Snorefox. Snorefox is a medical app in the field of snoring diagnostics, which is based on eight years of interdisciplinary research and has a basic technology that is now patent pending.

The core feature: Snorefox can not only report how loudly and for how long someone snores, but also Identifying breathing interruptions during sleep and thus provide an indication of whether dangerous Sleep apnea exists. Snorefox therefore answers the question: "Is my snoring dangerous?"  

How has it been so far? What makes Snorefox different?

How has this information been generated so far? Serious Snoring diagnosis has been complicated and time-consuming up to now and today is usually only carried out by specialized sleep laboratories, sleep medicine practices or clinics. 

Accordingly, the Snorefox app is a hope for snorers. Because Snorefox analyzes quite simply at home in your own bedroomwhether breathing interruptions occur during sleep - and reports this using a traffic light system.

Red stands for dangerous breathing interruptions and green for "no risk". Yellow means there may be a need for action - whatever the result shows, Snorefox provides information on how to overcome snoring and sleep apnoea.

Also accessible from the app is a Doctor searchwhich highlights doctors who use the latest diagnostic possibilities. Because regardless of whether snoring is simply annoying or dangerous, there are Various approaches to treating snoring and sleep apnea

Potsdam-based company Diametos has developed the Snorefox app

The provider of the Snorefox medical app is the company Diametos from Potsdam. Diametos was founded in 2020 by Heiko Butz and Dr. Christoph Janott was founded. The founders see Diametos as an impact company that can help millions of people with the social problem of snoring and the medical problem of sleep apnea.

The core technology of Diametos products - a AI-based acoustic feature analysis of sleep breathing sounds - is based on many years of interdisciplinary research projects involving experts in sleep medicine, anatomy, acoustic signal processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning methods.

For sleep apnea screening
From analysis to doctor search, all in one app.
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For sleep apnea screening
From analysis to doctor search, all in one app.
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