Snoring: are separate rooms okay?

What to do when there is simply no peace at night ...

There are many reasons for separate bedrooms. The most common: snoring, unusual working hours or shift work. If there are such material reasons, separate bedrooms can be a real relief for couples. However, it is usually not the wishful thinking of many couples. Experts say: If the decision is made together, this can be good for the relationship.

Short and sweet:

  • In the case of material reasons such as snoring or shift work, separate bedrooms can be a relief for couples. The proximity does not necessarily have to suffer. Many couples report that they are more rested and find visiting each other exciting.
  • But: If a relationship is not going well, separate bedrooms can cause a loss of closeness. Then separate beds can cause you to move further away from each other.
  • And: If a physical separation is advanced to increase the distance, separate beds can herald the end of a relationship.

How about you? A glimmer of hope for couples who suffer from the nightly separation: There are doctors who treat snoring with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic options.

snoring help
The first medical snoring app to measure your sleep apnea risk
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frequently asked Questions

How does Snorefox detect dangerous sleep apnea?

Snorefox detects breathing irregularities and respiratory events through intelligent audio analysis of snoring and breath noise patterns. In other words: Snorefox analyzes your snoring and at the same time carries out a risk check to determine whether there are dangerous breathing stops during sleep. Snorefox shows you the result of the analysis in a simple traffic light scheme. In this way, Snorefox quickly provides orientation as to whether a doctor's visit is necessary. 

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