Snoring and sleep apnea: Good reasons to stop smoking!

Last updated:
February 1, 2023

Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy. It puts a strain on the lungs and increases the risk of developing cancer. But smoking has other side effects.

Short and sweet:

  • Smoking leads to a blocked nose and the Breathing through the mouth promotes snoring. Smokers snore longer and louder than non-smokers.
  • Smoking also causes a Inflammation of the airwayswhich leads to water retention and Narrowing of the airways can lead to.
  • Even if it has not yet been clearly proven that smoking causes sleep apnea, the dangerous Sleep apnea Often more severe in smokers
  • In addition, smokers are often already Affected by sleep apnea much earlier in life

Conclusion: There are many good reasons for quitting smoking. Sleeping sensibly, snoring less and reducing the risk of severe sleep apnea are just a few more.

If you would now like to know whether you are at risk of sleep apnea, you can simply use the App Snorefox use. Snorefox uses the cell phone microphone to analyze your nocturnal snoring and breathing noises in order to detect breathing interruptions. In most cases, these are undetected, which is why the analysis is worthwhile.

For sleep apnea screening
From analysis to doctor search, all in one app.
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For sleep apnea screening
From analysis to doctor search, all in one app.
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