Snoring from a partner bothers every second woman

Last updated:
June 30, 2022

Are you annoyed by your partner's snoring? – Sometimes it is a comforting thought not to be “alone” with a problem. But probably not in the case of a snoring partner. Because nights are long when you can't sleep. And days are hard when a woman starts the morning overtired. How many women does this affect?

Almost every second woman feels disturbed

To say it in advance: Of course there are also men who suffer from the snoring of their partners - although it is a little less common. And this is about the women.

In a survey conducted by the opinion research institute forsa in 2018, which was commissioned by the initiative "Deutschland schläft gesund", 74 percent of women state that their partner snores.

In two thirds of cases, the women concerned feel that their sleep is disturbed as a result. This means (count two thirds of 74 percent): Every second woman feels disturbed by her partner's snoring.

What to do if your partner's snoring is annoying at night

So what to do? In the same survey, those affected came to the following conclusions:

  • 45 % vigorously nudge their partner
  • 21 % turn their partner on their side
  • 13 have % separate bedrooms
  • 11 % try to get to bed in time before their partner
  • 7 % sleep on the couch when their partner snores loudly
  • 5 % have asked the partner to go to the doctor

Our suggestion: First a snoring analysis

We find: a completely different possibility is to use the Analyze snoring first - to be able to assess yourself and the problem more objectively.

An analysis can provide insight into how loud the snoring noise really is, when it mainly occurs during the night and whether there are factors in everyday life that increase snoring, such as alcohol. In addition, an analysis can show whether there is a health risk.

The Snorefox is suitable for this type of snoring analysis. Snorefox is a medical app in the field of snoring diagnostics that is based on eight years of interdisciplinary research and has a basic technology that is now patent-pending.

The special feature: Snorefox can not only report how loudly and for how long someone snores, but also Identifying breathing interruptions during sleep and thus provide an indication of whether dangerous Sleep apnea exists. Snorefox therefore also answers the question: "Is my snoring dangerous?"

Incidentally, on the nights when Snorefox is used, the snorer must sleep alone and the smartphone must be plugged into the socket with the charging cable. In short: It requires a bit of planning for couples to use the Snorefox on themselves. But it's worth it.

The following are linked to the results in Snorefox Recommendations for action and a doctor search. Whether it is simply annoying or dangerous, there are new diagnostic options in the field of snoring and sleep apnea and - tailored to this - diverse and innovative approaches for therapies.

Diametos - the start-up behind the Snorefox

The start-up is the provider of the Snorefox app Diametos. Diametos was founded in 2020 by Heiko Butz and Dr. Christoph Janott was founded. The two entrepreneurs share a passion for entrepreneurship and their own experiences with the suffering of snorers.

Heiko Butz and Dr. Christoph Janott founded Diametos as an impact company to help millions of people with the social problem of snoring and the medical problem of sleep apnea.

Together with an interdisciplinary team, the founders work - at their location in Potsdam - on solutions for precise medical diagnostics in sleep medicine.

For sleep apnea screening
From analysis to doctor search, all in one app.
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For sleep apnea screening
From analysis to doctor search, all in one app.
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