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When is the Snorefox for Android coming?

We are working hard to release Snorefox for Android. You can easily join our waiting list at the following link, and get info as soon as you can use Snorefox:

Can I save the data and upload it later when there is a WiFi connection?

If you have not allowed the upload via mobile data in your settings, the data will only be uploaded automatically when there is a wifi connection. However, this only works for one night at a time. This means that you should upload the data once a day so that you can measure again the next night.

I no longer want to be a Snorefox user. How can I delete my data?

You can delete your account in the app itself in the settings. This will delete your data and also your access. The deletion can take up to 72 hours.

Is the app free?

The basic version of Snorefox is available free of charge in the AppStore for iOS. In the chart you can compare the features of the free and full version. If necessary, you can easily upgrade to the full version within the app.

Basic and full version

The measurements end automatically after 8 hours. can i change this

No, this duration is still preset by us, so that the measurement is also ended if you forget to end the measurement manually. The 8 hours are usually sufficient to map relevant measured values.

How do I activate the upgrade to Snorefox Med?

To activate the sleep apnea screening upgrade, tap "Activate Snorefox Med" within the app. You have the option of activating Snorefox Med as a self-payer or by code.

As a self-payer, first tap on "Self-Payer" and then on "Switch to Med", then select your payment method. 

If you have an activation code (e.g. from a health insurance company or as part of the tester program), tap on “I have a code”. When entering the code, you should consider upper and lower case letters.

Upload monitor: cellular

If you see "cellular" in the upload monitor, this means that the Snorefox app is on the mobile internet, but the app has not allowed you to use it. You can allow the use of mobile data in the app settings.

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