Sleep apnea suspected - and now?

31 pages
Reading time: approx. 35 min.
The step-by-step guide that tells you exactly what to do
Would you like to know whether you might be suffering from sleep apnea? Or do you already suspect it and want to know what to expect and how to prepare? Download the guide for €0 and find out how to proceed step by step from suspicion to diagnosis and treatment.
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With this guide you will receive:
An easy-to-understand 8-step guide, which helps you to proceed systematically and not overlook any important steps.
5 checklists, which will help you to better assess your symptoms and risk factors and contain all the relevant points you need to optimally prepare your next steps.
Sheets to fill in, to document your symptoms, sleeping habits and other relevant information and thus create a sound basis for a possible visit to the doctor.
Download the guide now and get all the information you need to track suspected sleep apnea and improve your sleep quality.

25 topics

Sleep apnea: definition and risks
Nocturnal breathing interruptions: often unnoticed
Roadmap to sleep apnea diagnosis: a practical guide
Self-assessment of risk factors and symptoms
Checklist: Risk factors for sleep apnea
Recognizing symptoms of sleep apnoea
Checklist of symptoms for sleep apnea
Connection between sleep apnea and snoring
Risk screening at home
App-based risk screening for sleep apnea at home
Find a sleep doctor: The next step
The first visit to the sleep doctor: what can you expect?
Preparing for a visit to the doctor_Sleep apnea
The measurement at home (polygraphy)
The night in the sleep laboratory (polysomnography)
Checklist visit to the sleep laboratory
Preparation for the visit to the sleep laboratory
Procedure of the stay in the sleep laboratory
Cost information: What can you expect in the sleep laboratory?
Treatment options for sleep apnea
Alternatives to the CPAP mask: other therapy options
The therapy for pure snoring
Somnofox M: Analysis of the causes of snoring
Personal initiative in sleep apnea treatment
Exchange in self-help groups for sleep apnea
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Lead Magnet Sleep Apnea

This guide is for you if... are worried because your sleep quality is impaired or you notice signs of sleep apnea and want to know what you can do now. are looking for clear guidance on how to follow up suspected sleep apnea and get a correct diagnosis. have already been told by a doctor that you may have sleep apnea and would now like to find out more about the treatment options available.
Download the guide now and get all the important information you need to take the next steps for your sleep health.
Lead Magnet Sleep Apnea
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