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How do I disable my power saving mode?

In individual cases, data may still need to be transferred to the server in the morning after the measurement has ended. This can have various reasons (flight mode, low WLAN speed, etc.), but may be due to the energy-saving mode of your device, which does not allow an upload in the background.

If required, you can deactivate energy-saving mode in the following ways, depending on the smartphone:

iOS devices:
Open the "Settings" of your iPhone. Then tap on "Battery" and deactivate the "Power saving mode".

Android devices:
Open the "Settings" of your Android device. Afterwards tap on "Battery and device maintenance" and deactivate the "Energy saving mode".

Further information for a successful measurement:

  • Disable energy saving mode

  • Charge device during measurement

  • Keep the app in the foreground

  • Check WLAN connection

If none of this helps, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. You can reach us by e-mail at or via the form on our website

I can no longer use Snorefox after the update

We have updated our privacy policy. In order to continue using Snorefox, you must agree to the updated statement for legal reasons. If you are unable to read the new statement, please close the app and restart it.

Will my data be stored?

After the automatic evaluation, the collected audio data is automatically deleted from the server again. The information about your snoring behavior as well as the determined probability of having obstructive sleep apnea is stored on the server. Thus, you can access it at any time until your user account is deleted or you request the deletion of your data.

How long does it take to complete an evaluation of my nightly recording?

If you have an existing WLAN connection at night, Snorefox can already upload data during the measurement and evaluate them immediately after finishing the recording in the morning. Without a WLAN connection at night, all data must first be uploaded in the morning, which delays the evaluation. The speed of the evaluation also depends on e.g. the amount of data or your internet connection.

I have another question. How do I reach the support?

You can reach us by mail at via WhatsApp and/or by phone at +49 331 23189070
We will get back to you as soon as possible!

In which unit is the volume displayed?

Each smartphone model has different hardware for the microphone. Therefore, the volume of your snoring is given in relative units and cannot be compared with the volume of other users. However, you can determine if and when your snoring is stronger by comparing your own values.

Can I still view the evaluations from the previous month?

To view previous measurements that are not from the current month, simply tap on the small black triangle next to the month name (marked red in the figure). This will give you a list of all previous measurements. Alternatively, you can also switch between months by swiping/swiping left or right in the calendar view.


Can I use Snorefox with another device (e.g. an iPad)?

Snorefox is compatible with iPhone, but not with MacBooks and iPads. You may need to update the software on your iPhone to the latest version.

I am very satisfied with the Snorefox. How can I rate it?

We are happy about that, of course! 🙂
To leave us a review, please visit the AppStore. There you search for Snorefox, scroll down a bit to the "Ratings & Reviews" section and you can easily tap on the number of stars you want to give us. If you would like to leave us a review, simply tap on the appropriate "Rate" box at the bottom left under the reviews and leave us your review.

My Snorefox is not working properly. How can I get in touch?

You can reach us by mail at
via WhatsApp and/or by phone at +49 331 23189070
We will get back to you as soon as possible!

The measurements end automatically after 8 hours. can i change this

No, this duration is preset by us so that the measurement is also ended if you forget to end the measurement manually once. A measurement duration of 8 hours is usually sufficient to map relevant measured values.

Is the app free?

The basic version of Snorefox is available for free in the AppStore for iOS. In the table you can compare the features of the free version with those of the full version. You can easily upgrade to the full version within the app if needed. Below you will find an overview of the features of both Snorefox versions:

Basic and full version

I no longer want to be a Snorefox user. How can I delete my data?

You can delete your account yourself in the app via the settings. Scroll down in the settings, tap on "Delete account irrevocably" and confirm the resolution of your account once again. This will delete your data and also your account. The deletion can take up to 72 hours.

At the moment I do not have wifi at my sleeping place. Can I record the data and upload it later when I have a Wi-Fi connection?

If you have not allowed upload via mobile data in your settings, the data will only be uploaded automatically when a WLAN connection is established. However, this only works for one night at a time. This means that you should upload the data once a day so that you can measure again the next night.

How do I activate the upgrade to Snorefox Med?

To activate the upgrade for sleep apnea screening, tap on "Activate Snorefox Med" within the app. You have the option of activating Snorefox Med as a self-payer or by code.

As a self-payer, first tap on "Self-payer" and then on "Switch to Med", then select your payment method. 

If you have an activation code (e.g. from a health insurance company or as part of the tester program), tap on “I have a code”. When entering the code, you should consider upper and lower case letters.

Upload monitor: cellular

If you see "cellular" in the upload monitor, this means that the Snorefox app is on the mobile internet, but the app has not allowed you to use it. You can allow the use of mobile data in the app settings.

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