Snoring partner: a stress test for relationships

For many people with a snoring partner, it's a sad reality: night falls and you long for restful rest, but soon your partner's snoring permeates the room. Instead of a restful night's sleep, you are constantly startled out of sleep and have to face the next day tired and exhausted. The persistent frustration expresses [...]

For many people with a snoring partner, it's a sad reality: night falls and you long for restful rest, but soon your partner's snoring permeates the room. Instead of a restful night's sleep, you are constantly startled out of sleep and have to face the next day tired and exhausted. The persistent frustration manifests itself in irritability and the permanent stress makes it difficult to cope with the daily challenges. But not only one's own mood and performance suffer, but also the relationship. The fact that a partner snores is a real test for many partnerships.

Why does my partner snore so loudly anyway?

This question concerns many people whose nights are characterized by the disturbing sounds. Loud snoring can be due to various causes. Overweight, anatomical peculiarities of the respiratory tract, alcohol or medication intake, smoking and even the sleeping position can play a role. Although snoring is harmless in many cases and is merely a noise nuisance, in some cases it can also be caused by so-called sleep apnea, a serious condition in which breathing stops during sleep.

How does snoring affect both partners?

Snoring is a problem that usually both partners suffer from. The non-snoring partner longs for rest, but instead has to deal with the consequences of insufficient and interrupted sleep. However, the snoring partner also often struggles with the effects of his or her snoring. Not only may he suffer from poor sleep himself - because snoring can lead to restless, non-restorative sleep - he may also feel guilty or defensive. The resulting strain on both sides can affect communication, intimacy, and overall satisfaction in the relationship.

Is snoring grounds for divorce?

Snoring alone is rarely a direct cause of separation or divorce. However, it is important to recognize that unresolved snoring and the challenges associated with it can lead to ongoing frustrations that negatively impact the relationship. Communication and collaboration are key to minimizing the stresses of snoring. It is critical that both partners work together to find a solution to overcome these challenges and strengthen the relationship. In the following sections, we would like to give you some ideas on how to do this.

How can I address the problem?

The question of how to address the issue of snoring with a partner is on the minds of many people who suffer from its effects. It is important to address this issue in a respectful and empathetic way to encourage open communication.

Here are some proven tips on how to deal with it:

  1. Choose the right time: wait for a moment when you are both relaxed and ready to talk. Avoid heated discussions or late evening hours when fatigue and irritability may be at play.
  2. Speak in a calm and loving manner and avoid accusations and criticism. Use "I" statements to communicate your own feelings and needs, such as: "I'm having trouble falling asleep and getting better and would like to find a solution that helps us both."
  3. Show that you want to address the problem as a team: Show understanding of the challenge your partner is facing and encourage your partner to join you in finding solutions.
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  4. Be patient and empathetic: snoring is often a complex problem that cannot be solved overnight. It may require several attempts and different approaches to find an effective solution. Be patient and supportive of your partner during the process.

How can I sleep when my partner snores?

Finding restful sleep can prove to be a real challenge for the non-snoring partner. But there are definitely strategies to get a good night's rest despite your partner's snoring. The classic option is to use earplugs to reduce the noise level. There are also special devices, such as white-noise machines, that can create gentle background noise and mask the snoring.

What can my partner do to reduce his snoring?

First, it is often important to check whether snoring is a potential health risk. Because if your partner's snoring is accompanied by breathing pauses (sleep apnea), he should consult a doctor. A risk assessment with the app Snorefox can serve as an initial guide, because with Snorefox you can easily perform a risk screening for sleep apnea yourself at home. Encourage your partner to get to the bottom of the cause of his snoring and seek medical help if needed.

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If potentially dangerous sleep apnea has been ruled out and your partner is willing to actively work to reduce his or her snoring, several approaches are available. It is important to emphasize that the most effective solution may vary depending on individual circumstances and the cause of the snoring.

Here are some possible actions that can help:

  1. Weight Loss: If obesity is a factor in snoring, healthy weight loss can reduce snoring in many cases.
  2. Adjust sleeping position: In some cases, sleeping on your side can reduce snoring. A special pillow or supine prevention aids can help maintain the correct sleeping position.
  3. Reduce alcohol and smoking: Alcohol and smoking can increase snoring. It may be helpful to reduce consumption or avoid it altogether.
  4. See a doctor: A doctor may recommend other treatment options, such as special mouthpieces, nasal sprays or surgery, that can help reduce snoring.

Separate bedrooms - relief for both partners or relationship killer?

Considering separate bedrooms is an option that can be considered individually by each couple. It can be a temporary solution to allow for better sleep. Although it may seem unfamiliar at first, it can have a positive impact on both partners' sleep and reduce stress in the relationship. However, for some couples, it can also have a negative impact on intimacy and connection. It is important to have open communication, find compromises, and explore other approaches to successfully meet this challenge.

By the way, separate bedrooms are not that rare: According to a study by the online dating portal Elitepartner, about one in ten couples spends the night in separate beds. Sleeping in separate beds does not necessarily mean the end of a relationship, but rather represents an individual solution to improve the sleep quality of both partners.


Snoring is often a challenge for relationships, but there are several ways to deal with it and minimize the impact. The key is to work together as a team to promote restful sleep for both partners. Open communication, mutual understanding and a willingness to find solutions together are critical.

Try to identify the trigger of snoring and take targeted action against it. Get support from Snorefox, the innovative app that helps you analyze snoring and reveals possible risks of sleep apnea. If your partner's snoring poses health risks, medical treatment may help. If it's "just" a noise nuisance, there are also numerous ways to do something about it.

So, actively address the problem of snoring in your relationship - this way you can promote a quieter sleep and a stronger connection with your partner.

Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. You should consult a physician if you have persistent sleep problems or health concerns.

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frequently asked Questions

How does Snorefox detect dangerous sleep apnea?

Snorefox detects breathing irregularities and respiratory events through intelligent audio analysis of snoring and breath noise patterns. In other words: Snorefox analyzes your snoring and at the same time carries out a risk check to determine whether there are dangerous breathing stops during sleep. Snorefox shows you the result of the analysis in a simple traffic light scheme. In this way, Snorefox quickly provides orientation as to whether a doctor's visit is necessary. 

Does Snorefox really only use the mobile phone microphone?

The Snorefox app runs on popular smartphones and simply uses the phone's internal microphone for analysis. Technically, it is a combination of acoustic pre-processing, intelligent feature extraction and machine classification. This means that Snorefox can do without special measurement microphones or other special hardware - a major advantage over other solutions.

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